Federation Vision

Blue Coat Foundation Motto

Respice Prospice
Look Back – Look Forward
We are forward looking schools that value our history and traditions.

Federation Vision

• An ethos which practises Christian values and beliefs, embraces diversity and promotes respect for the beliefs of others and equality for all.

• The highest quality of inclusive, creative and innovative teaching which enables all children to achieve and develop a love and passion for learning.

• An exemplary, inspirational learning environment, which provides staff with the appropriate resources and space to provide excellent provision across the curriculum and beyond.

• Highly successful partnerships between all members of the Blue Coat community including children, parents, carers, staff, Governors and outside agencies; built on trust, commitment, respect and mutual understanding.

• Inspirational and reflective leadership throughout the schools, which enables success, personal growth, confidence, emotional well-being and happiness for all.

Blue Coat Federation Mission Statement

Believing, Celebrating, Succeeding.



Updated November 2017