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**Welcome to Reception**

Language Workshop (October 2019)


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halving & capacity


  National Literacy Trust





Set 1 Sounds

How to teach complex sounds to children

How to teach blending sounds to children


Here are some ideas to help you support your child with their learning at school…….

Following Parent and Children workshops held in school here are a few comments from Parents who attended….

  “My other son also did this, it’s very effective & fun.     “It is really important to work together with my child and it is not that hard at all.”
 Something I learned today was…
    “Being able to adapt play to maths.”                                 “How easy it is to actually sit with him and learn whilst playing.”

 Click here for a link to support reading & writing development

Halving & Capacity


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Click here for Information on how to help support Core Strength Development, vital to gross and motor skill development

  Occupational therapy activities at home

    Guidance to your child’s Learning and Development in Early Years         



Useful web links….

Healthy Start

NHS Start for Life

Handwriting muscle warm up exercises – Get ready to write!

Kids Health Info : Occupational therapy fact sheets

The Early Years Foundation Stage is a vitally important stage in every child’s development, beginning from birth to the age of five.

The Early Learning Goals are statements of the skills, knowledge and understanding it is expected children to have acquired by the time they finish in their Reception class at school. The importance of the Prime Areas (Communication & Language Development, Physical Development and Personal, Social & Emotional Development) in a child’s development cannot be stressed greatly enough.

The Characteristics of Effective Learning will influence the learning and development of every child from birth for their whole life. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to speak to myself, or your child’s class teacher.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs Miller (Early Years Foundation Stage Coordinator)