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Blue Print is our weekly newsletter. It contains all sorts of information about what’s going on at Blue Coat Federation, dates, events, and even a puzzle or two from time-to-time. Blue Print is published most Fridays during term time.

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17th June 2022

10th June 2022

25th May 2022

20th May 2022

13th May 2022

6th May 2022

29th April 2022

8th April 2022

1st April 2022

25th march 2022

18th march 2022

11th March 2022

4th March 2022

18th February 2022

11th february 2022

4th February 2022

28th Januaury 2022

21st January 2022

14th January 2022

7th January 2022

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