Policies and Values


Blue Coat SIAMS report March 2019

2016 Church of England Vision for Education 

Deeply Christian Serving the Common Good 


Valuing All God’s Children

Federation Worship Policy

RE policy July 18

School Core Values

At Blue Coat Infant School we believe….…in the importance of Values

At this school we have chosen 18 core values;-

Trust,   Courage,   Creativity,    Justice,   Forgiveness,   Peace,

  Humility,   Thankfulness,   Compassion,   Hope,    Friendship,  

Generosity, Respect & Reverence,   Wisdom,   Truthfulness,  

Perseverance,   Responsibility,   Service.

We believe Love is the foundation of all values so has not been included as a separate value by itself.

Young children learn values from their personal relationships, everyday interactions and the examples set by parents, other adults and teachers.

At Blue Coat CE Infant School we constantly ask ourselves: What are the common values we are all committed to sharing whilst working here each day?

As a Church school we have a responsibility to base our values on the wisdom and understanding of the Christian faith and the gospel values founded by Jesus.

As a multicultural school we celebrate the core values we share in common with other faiths and cultures.

The school, through its distinctive Christian character, Blue Coat Infant School was deemed

**Excellent **

at our last SIAMS inspection.

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