-Wellbeing Web Free Wednesdays

Wellbeing Web Free Wednesday Afternoon also known as www.not

Fed up with looking at a screen all the time?  Introducing:


also known as…


Wellbeing Web Free Wednesday Afternoons

What is it?


Every Wednesday afternoon we will share a practical activity for your child to do away from their computer, phone, laptop or tablet.

Why are you doing it?

We want your child to have a break from the screen to help their wellbeing whilst doing something practical that will help them with their learning.

How will I know what the activity is?

We will share each week’s activity on Purple Mash and by text linked to details on our website.

How can my child share what they have done?


Email a photograph of your child doing the activity or the finished work to their year group email.  With your consent we will share some of these on Twitter and our website.

Week 1

Wednesday 3rd February

Natural Art with Mrs. Dunbar

Make some wild art using sticks, leaves, flowers and anything else you can find outdoors.

If you can’t go outdoors, try making a picture using things around the house. maybe pasta and other foods.

When you have completed your picture, don’t forget to email it to your year group. 


Have a a fantastic time!

Week 2

Wednesday 10th February

Scavenger Hunt with Mrs. Dickson

Our latest Wellbeing Web free Wednesday afternoon activity presented by Mrs Dickson. Something for the whole family to get involved in this week and during half term. Check out the activity sheets to go with the activity.

Click on the worksheets below:


Week 3

Wednesday 17th February

Pancake Making with Mr. Matthews

Although it’s half-term, we thought it would be fun to celebrate this week’s WWW.not but making pancakes. Once they have cooled why not try and see how many times you can flip them? Challenge your family to see who can flip the most.

Below you will find the recipe, worksheets and a certificate for all of you who are able to flip a pancake. Good luck and have fun!

Week 4

Wednesday 24th February

Sports Challenge with Mr. Thomas

This Saturday is  the Guinness Six Nations Rugby featuring England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, France and Italy.

So why not join Mr. Thomas in his rugby themed challenge?

How many times can you throw your item onto its given target?

Week 5

Wednesday 3rd March

Den building for World Book Day with Mr. Matthews.

Join Mr Matthews this Wednesday to create a reading den in preparation for this week’s World Book Day on Thursday 4th March. Once you have created you amazing dens, please send us photos of you reading a book in your fantastic reading areas.

All about WWW.not

Thank you for all your support with our remote learning provision.
We greatly appreciate all you are doing to help your child to engage with the
learning activities our staff are preparing and delivering each day.

Using computers, laptops, tablets and mobiles is a key part of your
child’s means to access our remote learning provision and as a result, their on
screen time is extensive.  Although, this computer use is necessary during
this lockdown period, it is important for your child to have opportunities to
have a break from the screen.  To help your child, we are introducing
‘Wellbeing Web Free Wednesday Afternoon’ or ‘www.not’ for short.

Every Wednesday afternoon we will share with you a whole Federation
activity for your child to do.  An important aspect of the activity will
be that it will be a practical activity that will need to be done away from a
screen.  We hope your child will enjoy carrying out the www.not activities each week and we
would love them to send a photograph of them doing the activity or the
completed work for us to celebrate.  Photographs should be emailed to your
child’s year group team email.  Please indicate in the email if
you give consent for us to share the photograph on our Twitter Feed and

We will share with you each week’s activity in your child’s Purple Mash
Blog and by a text linked to a description of the activity on our website, so
look out for this week’s www.not activity
tomorrow and every Wednesday!