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Kids Health Info : Occupational therapy fact sheets

Handwriting muscle warm up exercises – Get ready to write! 

How to help support Core Strength- vital to development of fine motor skills 

Guidance to your Child’s learning and Development in Early Years

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Hungry Little Minds


Our aim is to work with your child to provide a fun and exciting learning journey.

We will explore a wide range of themes and topics, all of which involve wonderful ideas and activities.


How to help your child

You also have a big role to play in this very important stage of your child’s development.


·   Encourage them to talk about their day.


·   Encourage them to talk in sentences.


·   Read the ‘Home Link’ letters (Link at top of page) so you can share their learning experiences in school.


·   Come to the Family sessions (a letter will be sent out with dates of the sessions)


If you have any questions, then please don’t hesitate to speak to a member of staff.



                            Nursery Reminders


    Please make sure you bring your son or daughter to Nursery on time, and collect them   on time.


The Morning Session runs from 8.30am to 11.30a.m.


       The Afternoon Session runs from   12.30pm to 3.30pm

(With flexi pick up from 3.15pm)




* Nursery have PE on Friday.
*Children must wear the correct Early Years uniform to school everyday *   


Fabulous Family Sessions!

At Blue Coat Infant School we greatly value the partnership between home and school in supporting the children’s development.

As part of this we hold

‘family sessions’

where 1 member of your family (over 18 years old) can come and be a part of the children’s life at school.

Please do not bring younger brothers and sisters to these sessions, as they are a special time for yourself and your child to spend together.

It will be an opportunity to come and get busy with the children in the

‘Learning Labs’ where you can play together.

The activities may be related to a particular area of the curriculum, or to the current theme. The session will usually end with a story and rhymes.