Welcome to Year 1

Your child will either be:

a ‘Super Seahorse’, or, 

a ‘Delightful Dolphin’,

a ‘Perfect Penguin.’

If you would like to know more about any of the information about Year 1, or you have a question or concern, please feel welcome to come and speak to Mrs Cadogan (Year Leader) or Mr Matthews (Assistant Headteacher) or speak to one of the team.

Useful Documents

PE is every Monday.

Forest School is every third Tuesday.

(Please ensure children have suitable clothing)



Who will be working with my child?

Each class has its own teacher who is your child’s Key Worker. Part of their role is to help ensure that every child’s learning is tailored to meet their individual needs, to help the child become familiar with the setting, offer a settled relationship for the child and build a relationship with you, the parents and carers. They are also supported in this by learning teaching assistants.


Teacher of Seahorses

Mrs. Cadogan

(Head of Year)

Teacher of Pengiuns

Miss. Farook

Teacher of Dolphins

Mrs. Berry (am)

Teacher of Dolphins

Mrs. Dunbar (pm)

Higher Level Teaching Assistant (HLTA)

Mrs. Horton

Teaching Assistant

Mrs. Donnellan

Teaching Assistant

Mrs. McElvenney

Teaching Assistant

Mrs. Matthews

The School Day

8:45 – 9:00am

12.15- 1:15


School starts: The children can go straight into class, and get themselves settled before the start of the school day at 9am.

Lunchtime: The children eat their lunch in the Hall with their year group . Then the children play outdoors.

Home time: the children tidy up, collect their belongings and are dismissed to their parent/ carers.

Recommended Texts

Year 1

Useful Websites

Perfect for 3-11 year olds.


Reading at Home

Regular supported reading is essential to aid learning progress.

At Blue Coat Infant School we ask all pupils to keep a record of their home reading over the week.

Class reading books should be exchanged each week and a record of any reading at home completed in their planner.

We ask parents, carers and relatives to check your child’s reading and write a comment to help the teacher’s assessment.

Ask them to retell the story in their own words to help their comprehension. We can provide further information on supporting your child’s reading progress at home.

Each time a book is exchanged stickers can be earned and kept on the pupils bookmarks.

Reading prizes can be awarded to completed bookmark holders each term.

Care of reading books are the responsibility of pupils. A book bag is a good idea for carrying school books. Please notify us of any lost or damaged books.

LHow can you help your child in school?

  Every day your child should bring home their planner in their book bag.

Every Friday your child will have a maths task to complete.

Please help your child to complete the task and return it to school on Monday in their homework bag.

Please check their book bags for Read Write Inc. books and letters.

Please notify us if another adult will be collecting your child.

Please keep your child with you until the teachers come out to collect their class in the morning.

Also stand back to make sure there is room for the children to get to their lines.

Attendance Ted

All Year 1 Classes want to win Attendance Ted!

He spends the week with the class who has the best attendance for the previous week.

Please make sure your child is in school every day.

The top 3 classes will be announced every Friday.

Healthy Children

At Blue Coat Infant School we encourage your child to exercise and eat healthily. They are given fresh fruit every day

Water bottles are sent home to be washed every Friday.

Please ensure your child returns with them on Mondays so they can have access to valuable drinking water throughout the day.   Replacement bottles are available in the school office

If your child would like to have milk you can order it at the School Office. Please see Mrs Jones (School Office)

If your child brings a packed lunch box to school please make sure that it is clearly named on the outside as there are more than one of the same design.

  How can you help you child with spelling,

writing and mathematics?

*Encourage them to use Fred Fingers to help

spell green words.

* Learn to spell red words

* Practice spelling the red and green words by

writing them down.

* Remind them that a sentence always starts

with a capital letter and ends with a full stop.

*It is important to remember a space in

between each word.

* Ask them to say the sentence before they try

and write it down.

*Always read back what has written to ensure

it makes sense to the reader.

* Practice counting on and back in 1’s. 2’s, 5’s

and 10’s.

*Practice writing the numbers correctly.

* Practice saying the number bonds for 10 e.g.

6+4=10: 10-4=6: 9+1=10: 10-1=9.

* Learning the number bonds by heart.