Parental Feedback

Blue Coat Infant School


‘A strong set of values that permeates every aspect of school life,’ Infant parent

‘Diverse and understanding staff very helpful with my child’s issues,’ Nursery parent

‘Teachers and staff are really friendly and do their best so that children learn in all areas,’ Reception Parent

‘My child always go to school with a smile on their face.’ Year 1 parent

‘The school Leadership is good and the staff members are always ready to help.’ Year 2 parent



“We think Read Write has been the highlight of….’s year as he always talks about your classes with such enthusiasm, excitement and pride. We are thrilled with his progress.”

“….. is always very shy and unconfident. So this tear was a big stress for him. But we are happy about his progress. He has learned a lot of things at school. Thank you teacher’s for their patience. He enjoyed to learn letters, counting numbers, talking about healthy eating, singing new songs and his English is greatly improved.”

” we are very pleased with ….’s development. His ability to interact with other children has improved a great deal thanks to the activities and rules that reception has laid down. A special thank you to his teacher for going that little extra and giving….. projects to do at home to develop his creative side.”


Year One

“We are happy with …’s progress. Tailoring the subjects to his ability has really worked for him. He now loves all his subjects, as they are challenging him.”

“Since attending Blue Coat … has developed a love of reading and likes to read at home.”

“She has learnt so many interesting and new things in this school. She loves her teachers and school.”

“…. has shown remarkeable improvement reading, writing, and mathematics as well as the other curriculums throughout the year.”

“We are very pleased reading….’s report. It is reassuring for us that she has been moved up to further her education and encourage development rather than left in a class that’s not challenging for her.”

“I am really pleased with …..’s progress this year. He has made lots of friends ans I am really happy with the way the school supports his faith.”

“My son is working at the expected level in all the subjects. About ICT he demonstrates a great quality and interest by using the computer. He is developing independence in the use of variety of programmes.”


Year Two

BC has made a real difference, we thank all of his teachers for bringing out the best in him and helping him achieve his potential……has developed also in his attitude for caring for others.”

“… has done really well since starting at BC School.The support that … has received from the teachers has been wonderful.”

“….I am thrilled that he has made a positive contribution to school life. I believe an ability to form relationships is crucial to …’s later life.”

“… has had a fantastic year at school, I was extremely pleased with her progress especially in reading.”

“…. has had another happy, stimulating and fulfilling year.. He continues to go to school enthusiastically and enjoys all that goes on there. We are delighted with the progress he continues to make…. can be reluctant to try new experiences at times and we are pleased that the school environment has taken him out of his ‘comfort zone’ at times.”

“I have seen a lot of progress with …. this year. Her reading and writing has improved a lot and her maths as well…… is more confident and has learnt very well.”

“I was very happy for her to join the Mayor’s Sunday. It was a great experience for her and me to be a part of.”

“I am delighted that …. is working above the expected levels for reading/writing! I was so impressed with the end of stage 1, teacher assessment – the 6 level 3’s are brilliant.”

“Since he has started going to school he can speak and have conversation. He can read and understand. He has a good start to learn math’s by counting numbers from 1 to 10 or more.”

“I am pleased with ….’s progress in nursery. He has made friends and learnt how to count and pronounce his alphabet. Teachers are very helpful and he is looking forward to reception class.”

“… enjoys coming to school and enjoys learning. She is keen in reading and always learns her words. She writes independently and tries very hard to write her letters correctly.”


Work Experience Feedback

Just wanted to thank you for enabling me to have the work experience- I really did enjoy it. Both the children and the teachers were absolutely lovely. Blue Coat Infants is a truly wonderful school.

Thanks again,


“Inspiration! Is something you can’t always find but fortunately for myself my first week of work experience was spent at Blue Coat Infants with some intelligent individuals and fantastic teachers who have shown their students and myself their fantastic passion for teaching and improving their students.
Since being little I wanted to be a teacher, this has changed not just once but twice because I have now been inspired by their students that teaching would be a job I would enjoy for life.
Thank you Blue Coat Infants and staff for making my stay so perfect. I couldn’t have asked for a better 1st week of placements.”

Feedback from a student from Walsall Academy on work experience within the school.