Our School Day

Our school has three classes for each year group, ranging from Year 3 to Year 6. Each class has their own teacher and a team of staff, including teaching assistants and lunch time supervisors, who work across the school in an effort to ensure every child can ‘Let their light shine’.


School organisation and timetable:

We have 2 gates that you can enter through, which are opened around 8:35. One situated on Pool street (bottom of playground) and one onto the alley (top of playground). These are both also opened at the end of the day ready for collection.


Time in school per day: 6 hours 35 minutes

Time in school per week: 32 hours 45 min

Total days in school per year: 190


A typical school day at Blue Coat Junior School begins at 8:35 when the two gates are open onto the playground. There are many members of staff who are present to welcome you and offer any support needed. The bell goes and we expect children in school for 8:45 for register to be taken at 8:50.
The morning begins with an assembly, some whole-school, some in-class worship and a celebration assembly on a Friday.
Children then have three lessons in the morning which consist of Reading, English and Maths, followed by a 15 minute break (time dependant on the year group).



The children all begin their lunchtime at 12:20 pm. The children have the option to bring in their own packed lunch or to eat a hot dinner at our canteen which has been pre-ordered. Years 3+4 eat their packed lunch in the hall whilst the other children are on a rota to go into the canteen to be served. Year 5 and 6 also alternate weekly as to who is on the main playground or on our extra play space, known as the annex.

On both playgrounds, there are lunch time supervisors who facilitate games and supervise the children as well as a sports coach who runs a more organised activity for children to engage with. There is a variety of equipment for the children to play with as well as playground markings and a trim-trail.