Our Core Values

Through the mission, aims and management of the whole school which is reflected in our ethos. We will ensure that our school is a safe and caring place where all children can share and explore good moral behaviour.   All relationships in school should offer a model of values in action.

Through every adults’ example and our use of moral language which will help children make sound choices of what is acceptable and not acceptable in being part of this Church school.

Through love and respect for classroom values which then become embedded in the behaviour and attitudes of all of our school community.

Through the contribution of curriculum subjects areas.

Through quality Collective Worship exploring Christian values together.

Through quality teaching and learning that conveys respect for others, respect for truth, acceptance of responsibility and a concern for justice and fairness.

Through the sharing of stories, songs, prayers and traditions from all the faiths and cultures of our school community.


We believe Love is the foundation of all values so has not been included as a separate value by itself.


 Young children learn values from their personal relationships, everyday interactions and the examples set by parents, other adults and teachers.

At Blue Coat CE Infant School, we constantly ask ourselves: What are the common values we are all committed to sharing whilst working here each day?

As a Church school, we have a responsibility to base our values on the wisdom and understanding of the Christian faith and the gospel values founded by Jesus.

As a multicultural school, we celebrate the core values we share in common with other faiths and cultures.






At Blue Coat CE Federation, we believe in the importance of Values. We have chosen 18 core values that we focus on over a three-year cycle.



Year A (2022-23)



Year B (2023-24)



Year C (2024-25)