Outdoor Learning

I will bless you with a future filled with hope – a future of success, not of suffering. – Jeremiah 29:11


Learning in God’s Creation


At Blue Coat Junior School, we provide many opportunities for outdoor learning and encourage our children to find peace and seek wisdom by being immersed in God’s beautiful creation of the natural world. Through learning outdoors in God’s creation, the children develop many skills in line with our school ethos and values, including self-esteem, resilience, communication, confidence, co-operation, that equip them to live a life filled with hope and success and develops their sense of responsibility to look after God’s creation.


Spiritual Reflection Garden

This year we have created a wonderful space in our Spiritual Reflection Garden. Our worship leaders planted a silver birch tree with the help of Nathan from Halls Garden Centre. Blue Coat Junior children then wrote prayers on paper leaves, which have been hung on the tree and all leaves have one of our Christian Values on the other side. Children can visit the Spiritual Reflection Garden to reflect on a value or prayer and find peace in their thoughts and stillness.



Forest School

We are very lucky to have such a great Forest School at Blue Coat. We enjoy visiting Forest School to support our learning. We look at God’s wonderful creation and learn how to look after it. It is a great opportunity to reflect and find peace to develop spiritually.