Trust, Courage, Creativity, Justice, Forgiveness, Peace, Humility, Thankfulness, Compassion, Hope, Friendship, Generosity, Respect & Reverence, Wisdom, Truthfulness, Perseverance, Responsibility, Service.


We believe young children learn values from their personal relationships, everyday interactions and the examples set by parents, other adults and teachers. As a Church school we have a responsibility to base our values on the wisdom and understanding of the Christian faith and the gospel values founded by Jesus. As a multicultural school we celebrate the core values we share in common with other faiths and cultures.


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Curriculum Intent

The Blue Coat CE Federation of schools work closely together to provide a seamless blend of education which develops the whole child throughout their primary education journey. As a federation of inclusive Christian schools, we value and respect all and endeavour to embrace and celebrate our diverse community fostering positive partnerships and collaborations. We pride ourselves on our outstanding practice and distinct Christian identity. 

Our vision is to provide an aspirational, nurturing environment to enable pupils to have the confidence and opportunity to make outstanding progress and the capacity to shine brightly in all that they do. We are committed to offering a fully inclusive and nurturing education for our pupils, ensuring that children of all levels and abilities are supported and challenged to achieve and feel successful and proud. We place a high priority of ensuring all pupils are integrated into mainstream classrooms with a high standard of focused expertise and staff from our specific federation inclusion team.

Our curriculum has been devised using the growing knowledge of cognitive theory and meta-cognition research and its impact on pupil outcomes. Our knowledge-based, values-led curriculum is designed using subject based units and is sequenced progressively so that new knowledge and skills build on what has come before. We ensure that the knowledge we teach is spaced, with regular retrieval practice so children can apply the key content and skills in varying contexts and build secure schemas of understanding based on their prior knowledge. Therefore, actively forging links between concepts and schemas over time.


Teachers carefully plan and teach engaging lessons in an effective sequence of learning, always mindful that they are:


  • providing suitable learning challenges which build on prior knowledge;
  • increasingly developing the children’s fluency and mastery of key skills;
  • responding to pupils’ individual and diverse needs;
  • overcoming any potential barriers to learning.
  • Demonstrate a high standard of pedagogical practice.


Our aspirational academic learning is underpinned by a strong emphasis on personal development and social skills. Our pupils learn responsibility and develop a secure sense of self and value their ability to make a positive contribution to society. It is our aim that by the time children leave our schools to embark on the next stage of their education, they are fully equipped with secure academic skills and knowledge and have developed the personal attributes needed to enable them to become successful citizens and live remarkable lives.







Head: Our pupils develop an exceptional knowledge and understanding of the world.

Heart: Our Pupils develop a deep understanding of themselves, empathy for others, care for the environment and are supported on their individual spiritual journeys.

Hand: Our pupils are able to apply their knowledge, understanding and empathy to creatively and effectively engage with the world and make their own positive difference, being courageous advocates.

Voice: Our Pupils are confident and courageous in the way in which they express their views and reflections and use these to successfully navigate their way in the world and make a positive contribution.



Our aspiration is to ensure that children have a language rich-vocabulary and a love of reading.  Reading is given a high priority in our curriculum as it is the ability to read and understand which opens up learning for children. 

For this reason, alongside the teaching of knowledge and skills we also teach pupils a range of higher level vocabulary associated with their curriculum subjects and learning areas.  We use knowledge organisers to develop learning and select the rich vocabulary we want our children to learn.