Federation Governors

The Governing Body meet regularly to make decisions about the work of the schools. The focus of the Governing Body is on providing a high quality education for all the Blue Coat Infant and Junior pupils. All the schools’ policies, budgets and curriculum are agreed by the Governing Body.


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These are the members from our community

Ms A. Edwards                                                                                                          Mr J Jones

Mrs A. Edwards-  Chair                                                                                              Mr J. Jones – PCC/Vice Chair

Miss D Buchanan                                                                                                                        Mr Pryce-Jones

 Miss D. Buchanan – Trustee/ Chair Emeritus                                                                      Mr Pryce-Jones– Foundation                           

Mr A Orlik                                                                                                                         Mrs S Boss

Mr A. Orlik- Executive Head                                                                                                      Mrs S. Boss- Clerk to the Governors

Rev Jim Trood                                                                                                                   Mr D Smith

   Rev. J. Trood -Rector of St Matthew’s Church                                                                Mr D. Smith –Principal Blue Coat Academy


                                                                      Miss E. Beech (Infant- Parent)

Mrs S Hartshorne

Mrs S Hartshorne– PCC                                                                                                            Mrs S.Sargent – Foundation   

Mrs J Ridgway

Mrs J. Ridgway- Foundation                                                                                                  Mr J. Short (Infant – Parent)                   

Mr D Barker                                                                                                                   Mrs D Hepburn

Mr D. Barker – Associate                                                                                                         Mrs D. Hepburn- Parent

Mrs A. Barrington- Staff  (Infant)                                                                                                Mr S Thomas- Staff (Junior)

                                                                    Mrs M. Pearson-Sutherland – Local Authority

Mrs Choudhury – (Junior –Parent)                                                                                               Mrs N. Francis – (Junior-Staff)